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Pictures on tiles

Pictures on tiles is our speciality. We manufacture all kind of photos and images on tiles. The possibilities are infinite! We even offer hand-painted images on tile. For example, we have a ”day and night handcraft” as part of our collection, which uses genuine gold and silver for the sun, the sky and the stars. In addition to that, we have more than ten different methods to choose from to design and decorate interiors.

Your imagination is the limit™

Our unique method makes it possible to use our tiles in all types of rooms. Bathrooms, kitchens and moist rooms are no problems. Because our tiles are very sustainable, you can also use them outdoors for years without any problems. Our manufacturing method is also extremely environmental-friendly and totally free of hazardous ingredients.

We satisfy all your wishes

A few examples are:

  • images on glazed (recommended)
  • images on glass tile
  • images on glass plates
  • images on various sizes of tile

We work from your frame of reference. We are satisfied when you are satisfied!


We cooperate with professional layers of tile who are more than willing to help set up your tiles! The tiles are assembled according to traditional customs and handcraft. Tiles with images are prepared to endure moisture in for example bathrooms. Sustainability is secured through multiple durability tests.


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